As a part of his routine, Tim often does impressions and character comedy. A few of the zany, but lovable, characters he portrays include:


Junior is a young friend of Tim's. He has never been away from Cheatham County, TN, but has always wanted to ride on an airplane. He always begs to tag along with Tim on trips. Junior lives in the country with his Momma and his twin sister, Edith Lou. It's a very rural area where they use hoot owls as chickens and opossums as watch dogs! He was saved at an outdoor church service under a brush arbor and was baptized in Johnson Creek over by Mrs. Jackson's farm. Junior is just a country boy, and he talks kinda funny. He's good-natured, but not very well-educated. As a matter of fact, he usually gives the impression that “the lights are on, but nobody's home!”
Big Momma is Junior's mother. She's called “Big Momma” because, well, she's BIG -- and when Junior's twin sister, Edith Lou, has a baby, she will be called “Little Momma.” Big Momma works like all mommas do: she cooks and cleans -- and she cuts timber for Bobby Joe on the side. She is known as one of the best cooks in the county. Her specialties include fried squirrel, greens, whipped potatoes and gravy, crackling bread, white beans and pig knuckles, and jam cake for dessert. Big Momma loves the Lord and her kids, but keeping up with Junior sometimes tries her patience.

K.C. works at the local high school and is a member of the First Baptist Church at the corner of Date and Flower. She has lived in Brea, CA, all her life and never married. (She's an “old maid,”" but don't tell her that!) She's a member of the Women's Missionary Society (WMS), but is best known for being the biggest gossip at church. Nothing gets past K.C. If she knows about it, you can bet everyone else does too! Despite her meddling, she's a sweet lady who loves the Lord and loves her pastor, R.C. McFadden, his wife Alice and their two daughters, Patty and Kathy. Pastor Mac's son, Timmy, however, is another story! That rambunctious boy is a constant thorn in her side, and she claims he will one day be the death of her!