About Tim

The church at Date and FlowerTim started performing at the early age of three. His father pastored a church located at Date Street and Flower Avenue in the small town of Brea, California. His earliest memories and many of his stories center around his experiences at that church on the corner of Date and Flower.

Because his father was the pastor, Tim was required to take part in ALL children’s programs at the church. He loved to be the center of attention, and would grab a hat or anything available to to use as a prop, and would proceed to make a joke or story out of it. In no time, he would have his audience in stitches. Even from a very young age, he loved to make people laugh. His father was often heard saying, “Timmy, you have got to behave!”

old photos of Tim as a boyThroughout his early years Tim tagged along as his father made pastoral calls in the hospitals and homes, bringing smiles to all he visited. In high school, he continued to be very outgoing.  He joined the drama team and held the student body office of Pep Club President. He was even chosen to sing with the youth group Up With People. Tim later moved to Tennessee where he has lived all of his adult life.

As an adult, Tim continued to entertain and uplift people. For awhile he was a disc jockey and did voices for a local radio station. He has also provided the comedic entertainment for several corporate, club and church banquets and events. As a District Governor for Lions Clubs International, he has given numerous motivational speeches throughout the state of Tennessee. He can adapt to any speaking situation and tailor his presentation to the specific needs or interests of a particular audience.

Tim's clean humor appeals to a wide variety of audiences and covers a range of topics including growing up in church, living life on a wing and a prayer, the crazy things we all encounter in our every day lives, and his growing list of mishaps. The comedic stories that are nearest and dearest to his heart, though, are those that involve growing up a preacher's son in Brea, CA, with all of his boyhood friends.

Paying it forward is one of his favorite topics and a code by which he lives. Tim is a strong a believer and participant in community building and is proud to serve as a member of the Board of Directors for The Friends Foundation at The Tennessee School for The Blind and  the Operations Committee for The Nashville Tennessee Food Bank.

Tim describes himself as an “out of control, spirit-filled Christian” and strives to share God's love through his testimony and humor. His hilarious stories, impersonations and characters will keep any audience entertained, and his testimony will move both the saved and the unsaved. Tim's hope is that God will use his gifts to encourage and motivate others. It is his ultimate goal to help people find the joy of salvation and God's will in their lives, and to demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit in his.